Anthea Dunlop’s design, constructed by Reflective Gardens, recently won a Bronze award in the 2015 LNA Landscape Excellence Awards. The winning garden belonged to a Mosman home, perched on top of a natural sloping block with magnificent views of North Sydney Harbour.

Open grass areas, screening neighbours to the east, and easy access from the deck/pool area to the lower area were essentials. An understated garden letting the natural features of the gums and the view needed to be front and centre and enhanced by an understated garden.

"This is a garden of ‘less is more’. I wanted to let the natural features speak for themselves," said Anthea Dunlop.

Less attractive elements of the existing garden, such as the underside of the pool, were disguised and turned into features including a couple of large sleeper planter boxes, stained charcoal grey and planted with a Frangipani. "This is beautiful to look down on from upstairs and helps to anchor the steps into the landscape and solves the problem of juxtaposing angles and curves," Anthea said.
Reflective Gardens have executed the plans with exemplary attention to detail across the entire site.

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