creating beautiful spaces out of everyday places

anthea dunlop landscape design provides a holistic approach to all aspects of garden design. With over 20 years experience, anthea dunlop landscape design can assist you in transforming your everyday place into a beautiful space by working with you to achieve the perfect balance between form and function.

anthea dunlop landscape design is focused on applying the creative aspects of landscape architecture to your personal style and lifestyle needs to help you create a beautiful, tranquil and versatile space that is so easy to enjoy.

“I get to know my clients’ personal style and lifestyle needs, explore what works and also aspects that don’t work within their existing garden and then we take it from there.”


We first became aware of Anthea's design skills when we saw her garden at a function and we both agreed it looked amazing.

The challenge we posed to Anthea was to bring together as one integrated garden an extremely difficult and irregular shaped parcel of land with a large inconveniently placed tallowwood. Anthea's design included concepts we would never have thought of ourselves and her use of curves and strategic planting has resulted in a seamless and tranquil garden that was well beyond our expectations with surprising colour all year round. Anthea's design around the tallowwood resulted in it being one of our favourite segments of the garden.

Anthea went beyond advising us on the garden and guided us on practical matters to improve our third party design of the swimming pool, fencing and paving as well as colour choice for our building. Her experience and understanding on these matters led to significant improvements on the initial design for which we are most thankful.

We would certainly recommend Anthea for any landscape design project.

- Iain and Susanne